HostGator Reviews (2024) – Is It Worthy in 2024 To Buy

Are you a beginner or looking for a 24/ supporting host for the site? If yes, then Here read HostGator Reviews They are a suitable choice for your site. So, you can get all details and challenges solution through these guides.

Sadly, HostGator does not offer great page loading. But it provides many additional services such as automatic backups, recoveries, and security of the sites.

Moreover, the renewal charges are higher than expectations. So, you need to invest a little bit higher in the upgrading of sites. Well, if you know more about HostGator this complete review will help a lot to know about the host.

Moreover, if you don’t want to read all the specifications then this article will help to provide all the related details for HostGator. So, you can choose it for the desired and required services.

HostGator Reviews (2021) – Is It Worthy in 2021 To Buy
HostGator Reviews

HostGator Reviews

As we all know, all the Best WordPress hosting providers have few downsides as well as good sides. So, let’s talk about HostGator’s good sides firstly. No doubt, HostGator offers great uptime and performance.

Besides this, all the services are highly user’s friendly. So, even a beginner can do work with it easily. Moreover, it allows users to move and transfer the sites freely.

Furthermore, it includes multiple intuitive choices for beginners to direct them in a right and easiest way. So, take a look at the good impacts of HostGator.

Pros of Hostgator

HostGator was founded in 2002 and has steadily risen to become one of the largest and most popular hosting companies in the world.

Uptime 99.98%

HostGator company claims to offer 99.98% uptime for all the sites and all the clients. Moreover, it offers consistent uptime services throughout the years.

In the case of the low uptime of 99.90%, the company provides the one-month credit in the user’s accounts as a penalty. However, the company does not compensate for the uptime in case of maintenance and any other hacks.

So, you can get the credit in your accounts by asking the company through billing or ticketing within 30 days. On the other hand, the competitors in the market force the company to upgrade the services for the clients for better engagement.

Therefore, the company tries to maintain its performance level to save the host from the risk of falling from the competitors.

Excellent support services:

Surprisingly, HostGator offers 24/7 excellent customer support. So, all clients and customers can interact with the technical team members at any time.

Besides this, HostGator offers the ticketing based and knowledge-based support for the clients. So, the customers can get it through live chats, phone calls, and SMS. Within 15 seconds, you can get the answer to your query.

Moreover, the team doesn’t hesitate or irritate from multiple questions and queries at a time. So, the team members answer all the queries humbly and professionally.

That’s why HostGator offers an overall good customer support experience.

45-Days Refund Policy:

No wonder in HostGator Reviews they offer all the services with complete devotion and professionalism. That’s why it provides the 45-days return policy for the clients.

So, you can use the services for more than a month, or in case of any halt you can return the policies. Besides this, this refund policy is applicable to all pricing plans and packages.

However, it’s not applicable to dedicated hosting plans and customized software. Moreover, the company will deduct the administrative charges as well.

So, if you purchased a domain at the time of buying the package then the company will cut the charges at the time of return. Moreover, you can’t get back the money through order, WU, or bank transfers.

So, you can refund the policy in the form of new plans and policies. But you can’t get it back at the time renewal. Moreover, the refund will be done based on the dollar’s rate exchange.

Advanced Security Features:

If you are looking for a single site hosting then shared hosting plans are enough. So, you can get enough through a single shared hosting plan of HostGator.

Luckily, HostGator offers advanced security features for the sites. For example, it includes the SiteLock for the security of the site as well as for better monitoring of the site.

HostGator runs these services daily to provide real-time monitoring for the content and sites. Moreover, it looks for exceptional breaches and hacks and aware of the user about it immediately.

Besides this, it provides the assignation for spam detection to prevent the spams to get in the email boxes. However, to get the feature of SiteLock you need to buy the advance package. Moreover, it cost a little bit higher as compared to initial packages. For this, you need to pay $19.99 per year to save the sites from spam attacks.

Free Site Migration:

Are you running multiple sites and looking for a host for migration? If yes, then HostGator is a secure option to get the free site migration.

Moreover, you can move and transfer the sites within 30-days freely after signing up for an account. Besides this, you can move the databases, domain names, and scripts easily through HostGator.

Additionally, HostGator includes a completely managed and configured Cpanel. So, you can get the better hosting of your multiple sites through this. Even though, you are running a large-scale site.

Fortunately, shared hosting plans of HostGator offer the free site migration including domain for one site. Moreover, you can get more access to additional and other hosting plans.

Although, it’s not a great offer to provide single site migration or multiple freely. But it’s much better than other hosts. Unlike Bluehost that costs $150 to migrate the five sites (Bluehost Review), HostGator charges zero.

Easy to use:

HostGator offers a great user’s friendly interface for all the beginners and less experienced persons. So, it’s a good choice for all the new bloggers and site developers.

Besides this, the host offers multiple tutorials and manuals for a better understanding of the host. So, the beginners can get better navigation even for the selection of the data center.

Additionally, HostGator offers additional attributes for the beginners to set up their sites. So, beginners can easily do this without hiring any other person for design.

Gator by HostGator is a great tool to guide and provide multiple tools for the developer’s sites. The best thing is, Gator comes along with a free domain name. so, you can set your first site professionally.

On the other hand, it offers multiple templates and themes for designing and development sites. So, the customers can customize their sites easily just dragging and dropping the elements.

Additionally, it offers free SSL and SSD for the better security of new sites. So, you can protect the data on the sites. For eCommerce, HostGator also offers multiple plans.

So, you can set up a complete business store or site with all records and secured information. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about payments and additional plugins as well. Because HostGator performs all work for the reliability of the users.

Cons of Hostgator

Undoubtedly, HostGator offers consistent great uptime and performance. Moreover, the user’s friendly services of HostGator make it easier to use for beginners. So, everyone would love their services.

Sadly, with all these good impacts, HostGator has a few downsides as well. So, let’s talk about these issues and downsides.

Average page loading speed:

As we all know, HostGator servers are offering great performance services for all clients. But the problem is about the loading speed of the pages and sites. Because the speed is consistently slow 1191ms. Well, it’s an average page loading speed.

But its below expected speed. However, it’s suitable for content-based sites. But it’s a great issue for image-based sites. Especially, for blogs and design sites.

Moreover, due to low speed, it affects the resolution of HD Images as well on the pages. That’s why it’s not good for image-based sites.

Moreover, low loading speed has a direct impact on your user’s engagement. They would prefer to choose other sites rather than yours. So, it’s all happen just because of the slow loading speed.

However, you can bear it to some extent. But you cant tolerate it all the time. Because it will impact on your site’s business as well as numbers of visitors.

Additional cost for Backups:

No wonder, HostGator offers cheap and affordable shared hosting plans. Moreover, it has great introductory prices for these plans.

So, you can get these plans within $2.75 for a month. Besides this, it offers the free domain name including 1CLICK installation. Moreover., it HostGator offers great services for WordPress and Joomla including free SSL and unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth.

Generally, it includes all the features necessary for a small-scale site. However, you need to pay for all additional features including backups, SiteLock, and mail access.

On the other hand, you need to pay for all the additional SEO tools for the optimization of the sites. That’s why it’s unsatisfactory for new users and users with small investments.

Unlike other hosts, HostGator doesn’t offer these services within the initial pricing plans and packages. So, all the features will be available for large scale sites or sites with great investments.

For Gmail backups and recoveries, you need to pay $60 per year. On the other hand, the cost of SiteLock is $19.99 per year. CodeGuard, for the secure backups, will cost $23.95 per year.

Moreover, it does not provide the facility to keep the previous file in the case of any problem. So, the basic plans are budget-friendly. But it becomes a little bit more expensive by including all these features.

Initially Low Introductory prices:

Along with extra charges for security, HostGator works on pricing tricks to grab more customers. For this, it provides low introductory prices like $2.75 per month.

But it includes multiple charges and advanced features cost at the time purchasing. So, you need to consider all these factors. Otherwise, you will only be able to get the hosting services for the first month at low rates.

On the other hand, HostGator renewal charges are increasing rapidly. So, you need to pay a lot after the expiration of the first plan or package.

No doubt, many other hosts are working according to these same tricks and standards. But overall, it’s not a good thing and customers don’t like it.

HostGator Pricing Plans And Features

As we talked above, HostGator offers multiple shared, dedicated, VPS, Cloud, WordPress and reseller hosting plans. So, let’s talk about shared hosting plans firstly.

Shared Hosting Plans:

HostGator offers multiple hosting plans for shared web hosting. However, you need to sign up for long terms to get these services. For this, the minimum time is six months.

Unfortunately, it’s not a good thing. Customers don’t like it as well to rely on long term at the start. Moreover, it offers 3-year time by default.

However, this customer will save the sites from monthly payments. But it’s not an encouraging thing to force them for three years at the start.

On the other hand, HostGator provides the LINUX based and Windows-based shared hosting packages. Therefore, it’s a good option for small scale or medium scale sites.

The basic “Hatchling” shared hosting plan starts from $10.95 per month. Moreover, it includes unlimited disk space and a free domain for a site.

Additionally, it helps to maintain the content on the sites. Therefore, a great option for WordPress and Joomla. You can manage and transfer the databases as well through this plan.

Moreover, to manage the eBay sites and businesses the plan starts from $11.95 per month including unlimited domains. The third plan is the business plan, starts from $16.95.

Moreover, this business plan includes multiple options and features for better handling of sites. So, you can get the private SSL certificate for the security of sites through this.

That’s why shared hosting plans of HostGator are a great choice for the bloggers and editors.

VPS Hosting

HostGator offers multiple hosting plans for VPS LINUX based hosting. So, the starting price is $19.95 per month. Are you looking for a powerful host to deal with high traffic? If yes, then VPS hosting plans are efficient for you.

Moreover, it allows fulfilling multiple requirements including better compliance. So, you can get all the benefits prevented from shared servers through it.

That’s why it’s a good choice to consider for large scale sites. Besides this, the basic VPS plan Snappy starts from $79.95 per month. It offers 2GB RAM, 120GB DS and 1.5TB bandwidth for transfer the data.

Moreover, you can make it less through three years of commitment that costs $19.95 per month. The 4000 Snappy package, starts from $119.95 per month.

Furthermore, the cost is low as $29.95 per month with three years of the agreement. The third and advanced Snappy plan is 8000 that costs $149.95 per month.

Besides this, costs for $39.95 per month in case of three years agreement. That’s why these plans are more flexible and affordable within three years.

On the other hand, HostWinds offers budget-friendly VPS hosting plans start from $16.29 per month. Moreover, it includes the 1GB RAM with 30GB Disk Space and unlimited data transfer.

Additionally, you can upgrade the plan within $574 per month including 96GB RAM and 750GB disk space. Furthermore, Host Wind’s VPS hosting plans offer support for windows as well as LINUX.

Dedicated Hosting

For dedicated hosting, HostGator provides multiple packages. Moreover, the starting price for dedicated hosting is $119 per month including advanced features.

On the other hand, customers have the facility to customize the sites with up to 32GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth for the whole of the month.

So, this unlimited bandwidth helps the customers to get dedicated hosting services from other servers as well. In addition to this, HostGator offers LINUX based and Windows-based dedicated hosting services.

However, LINUX is one of the dominant fields while talking about dedicated hosting services. Therefore, HostGator is one of the best LINUX based as well as windows based dedicated hosting providers.

Unlike DreamHost, HostGator is a good choice to get dedicated hosting services.

Cloud Hosting

Like many other hosts, HostGator also offers cloud hosting services. So, the clients can operate the sites in a better and cloud-based environment.

Moreover, it helps to operate the sites on multiple servers. So, it offers real-time monitoring of resources. On the other hand, your site will be free from physical restrictions.

However, cloud hosting is only available for LINUX based system. So, the starting hatchling plan price is $12.95 per month for cloud hosting. Moreover, it includes 2GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth.

On the other hand, if you required unlimited domains then you can go for a baby cloud plan starts from $13.95 per month. At the top of all, the business cloud hosting plan starts from $19.95 per month. It includes 6GB RAM and one IP address.

WordPress Hosting

Excitingly, HostGator allows the customers to install WordPress through a single and easy click. Moreover, it offers the standard hosting packages for WordPress.

So, these packages are basic, standard and business. The price of basic or starter plan is $14.95 per month. With this, you can get the more than 25,000 visits including 50GB RAM for each month.

Moreover, it offers unlimited emails. The second plan is standard starts from $20.95 per month. It includes 200,000 visits per month along with 150GB RAM.

The third plan, business plan starts from $27.95 per month including 300,000 visits per month. Moreover, it provides unlimited storage and bandwidth.

In addition to this, all WordPress hosting plans come along with extra cache management for the optimized and configured environment of sites.

Besides all these things, its easy to manage WordPress on HostGator. Even though, you are not an expert for managing the sites.

Because the Cpanel and configured system allows the users to focus on the site instead of other configuration things. Moreover, it offers quick links for managed WordPress hosting.

Reseller Hosting

HostGator offers the reseller hosting plans start from $19.95 per month. However, HostGator doesn’t offer the unlimited cache and storage space for reseller hosting.

But HostGator offers the 24/7 customers support for all the reseller sites. So, users can get a better user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it a good thing to set up a HostGator Hosted Site?

Well, HostGator is a good option to set up a site. As it offers multiple resources including emails and quick links for the creation of sites.

So, of course, yes, it’s a good and suitable option to set up a site. Especially, for developers and designers. Because it provides great creation tools for the developers including drag and drop.

On the other hand, the host’s interface is quite simple and easy to understand. So, the new users can rely on it as well. Moreover, it includes the tabs for billing as well as tools for the creation of sites.

Therefore, the clients can manage the sites and multiple accounts easily. On the other hand, clients can install WordPress and many other CMS easily through HostGator.

Besides, it includes a tool for the management of files. So, you can manage the files and upload the files on servers easily.

Q: Does HostGator share plans enough for sites?

If we see generically then no, HostGator shared hosting plans are not enough for a site. No doubt, these plans come along with multiple benefits and features.

But you need to pay extra for security and backup features. unlike other hosts, you need to pay for these features in HostGator.

On the other hand, the loading speed is slow for these packages. Therefore, the prices are a little higher as compared to the provided quality.

Moreover, WordPress hosting plans for HostGator are expensive. That’s why we recommend you to take a look first before getting these plans.

Moreover, in the case of HostGator hosting plans, you’ll end up increased renewal prices. Therefore, take a complete look at all these things before getting it.


Above all, while talking about performance, HostGator is a good option for large scale sites. As it offers multiple business plans and security features. Moreover, it’s a nice selection to get an intuitive website builder.  however, you need to consider their higher renewal prices as well.