Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips

 What is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

One of the most important online technique using which you can improve your site’s ranking as well as visibility in the search engines. Without SEO , a website can never gain organic traffic in a legal manner at all way. You have to work on SEO for your website or blog, if you want to gain good ranking in the search engines. Therefore today I am going to share with you top ten most Successful Search Engine Optimization Tips. So lets here start. 

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips
Search Engine Optimization Tips

Getting a high rank on the search engines through user keyword searches can be complicated. But with proper focus on writing your blog posts for search engine optimization (SEO), you can enhance your search engine ranking for specific keyword searches as well as your blog’s traffic. So Follow these SEO tips to get the Successful results.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips

Here are our top SEO tips.

1. Check the Popularity of Keywords

In order to gain traffic from keyword searches on the major search engines like Google as well as Yahoo!, you need to be writing regarding a topic that people want to read and are actively looking for that information. One of the easiest method to get a essential idea of what people are looking for online is to make sure the popularity of keyword searches on websites like Wordtracker, Google Trends, Google AdWords or the Yahoo! Buzz Index. All of these sites provide a snapshot of keyword popularity at any given time.

2. Choose Specific and Relevant Keywords

A good rule to go by is to choose one keyword phrase per page after that optimize that page to that keyword phrase. Keywords should be relevant to the overall article . Also, choose exact keywords that are more probable to give you a better search results ranking than a broad term would.

3. Select a Keyword Phrase of 2 or 3 Words

Statistics show that nearly 70% of keyword searches contain 2 or 3 keywords. Among that in mind, try to optimize your web pages for searches on keyword phrases of 2 or 3 words to drive the leading results. This will take some better SEO technique as well as more time to get search engine Optimize.

4. Use Your Keyword Phrase in Your Title

Once you choose the keyword phrase you need to put it nicely in the title of your blog post or page. This will make your Search Engine Optimization process more strong. Because Title is very first thing that come into notice of the search engines crawler. So you can make it more search engine friendly by putting them in the title.

5. Use Your Keyword Phrase in Your Subtitle and Headlines

Breaking blog posts up using subtitles as well as section headlines not only build them more visually engaging on a text important computer screen, but it also gives you other opportunities to use your keyword phrase "Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO" . These were also some crucial places in a blog post to use keyword phrase to making SEO more better as well as strong.

6. Use Your Keyword Phrase in the Body of Your Content

It’s significant that you use your keyword phrase in the body of your blog post. A good goal to try to get is to use your keyword phrase at least twice in the first paragraph of your post also as enough times as you can within the first 200 words of your post.

7. Use Your Keyword Phrase in and Around Your Links

Search engines crawler calculate links higher than plain text in their search algorithms. Hence try to create links that use your keyword phrase. Avoid utilizing links that just say "click here" or "additional information," as these links will have no effect on your search engine performance. Influence the power of links in SEO by including your keyword phrase in them whenever feasible. The text nearby links is characteristically weighted more greatly by search engines than other text on your webpage as well. If you can’t contain your keyword phrase in your link text, try to contain it around your link text.

8. Use Your Keyword Phrase in Images

Lots of bloggers see a good amount of traffic sent to their blogs from image searches on search engines. Build the images you use in your blog work for you in terms of SEO. Ensure your image file names and captions contain your keyword phrase. Because search engines crawler are blind, they can’t see, they only can read. That’s why it is much essential to use keyword phrase in alt text for images.

9. Avoid Block Quotes

There are differing views on this topic with one group of people saying that Google as well as other search engines ignore the text included in the HTML block quote tag while crawling a web page. So, the text within the block quote tag won’t be included in terms of SEO. Until a more perfect answer can be determined to this topic, it’s a good idea to stay it in mind as well as use the block quote tag carefully.

10. Don’t Keyword Stuff

Search engines penalize sites or blog that stuff pages full of keywords basically to increase their rankings through keyword searches. Some sites or blog are even banned from insertion in search engine results for the reason that of keyword stuffing. It is considered a form of spamming, as well as search engines have zero tolerance for it. Keeps this in mind as you optimize your blog or web posts for search engines using your exact keyword phrase.

Final Words

Guys, These were some important and basic Search Engine Optimization tips that I also follow to make my blog SEO more better. I hope you enjoy as well as understand all these points easily.