How to Increase Domain Authority MOZ

How to Increase Domain Authority in 2023

Here is detailed guide about how to increase domain authority and what affects domain authority? Just follow these steps and your website’s domain authority will increase. 

How to Increase Domain Authority MOZ
Increase Domain Authority

what is domain authority of a website?

Domain authority is rank matrics from 1 to 100 given by moz to identify website’s performance and how well it ranks in search engine results pages.

Simply it is a website metrics and proxy of google page rank. Google page rank is no longer available so domain authority is now important for seo.

As the website have higher domain authority, there is more chance to get on top of search engine results.

Domain authority and page authority both are different, page authority stands for how much a page is popular and domain authority stats a domain popularity and ranking means the website popularity and quality.

There are many factors affecting on website domain authority. lets see in detail.

How to Increase Domain Authority

Here are the best ways to increase domain authority and lead search results.

1. Increase Internal linking to increase Domain Authority

internal linking for domain authority

Internal linking helps to improve domain authority score.

A well structured internal linking website have higher domain authority because, it is easy to navigate the site and internal linking makes the article more informative.

But only links to the topic related article don’t try to change the topic otherwise page becomes more complex for search engine to decide a specific topic and also for user.

Simply linking to your topic related old post helps more to users.

Internal linking helps user to learn easily, see this post and video from it on importance of internal link building from quicksprout.

Use correct anchor text so users can find and learn easily, wrong use of anchor text may be penalized by google.

Make a link juice by internal linking, it improve seo and DA. If possible then also try to link high authority websites into your blog by mentioned them in your post.

Outbound link will be also counted as a domain authority ranking factor.

2. Improve Quality of content

Content is king in world of SEO. So, always try to deliver the best and quality content.

We can say mainly if you publish a unique content then it is more chance to get on top of SERP.

So, first thing is always post a unique and quality content.

Just don’t copy from some where else and post to your website directly.

If your post have quality then it also helps to increase website traffic.

Quality is important in your website or page because users want some more and some unique content.

You can also use a infographic to give much information about a specific topic. It also helps to get more share by users on social media.

as your article or page filled with quality content than it has a chance user or your readers may share it on social media and hence it increase social signal and trust.

Don’t publish short article. Generally a post or page with 1500+ words have more chance to get on top in google or any other search engine, because google and other webmaster says that a longer article must have deeply explained information and users wants that so.

3. improve seo

Do you know improve in seo also improves domain authority?

Yes, it is true. So, Everyone should improve seo in terms of font, image, user friendliness.

Image optimization is also a great way to increase domain authority.

In image optimization we can use small image and also very important add alt text in image.

Every website should be mobile friendly so that user of mobile can also have a great experience of surfing on your website or blog.

If any reader comes to your website and start reading but your webpage’s font is not good readable then reader will be disappointed, so keep font simple and clean.

Check your website on google mobile friendly test.

Always publish linkable content, linkable in sense of, that content user can learn and also they may share on social media.

A john rampton from forbes says that to insert testimonials and contributor quote in your website page or posts also increase domain authority. 

4. link diversity increases domain authority

Link diversity is the quality of your outbound links means put links of high authority websites in your article.

Rand fishkin from moz says that link building and diversity is important to improve domain authority.

Well link diversity is also important for google.

because when google try to scan a webpage then a link juice and link diversity.

Also it drive more traffic to your website and helps others to learn from it, becoming informative.

5. moz factors affecting on domain authority

Moz has developed this domain authority matrics then there are 6 main factors affecting on ranking.

Moz rank: is stated for a quality of page because as you got high quality links to your page more, the higher mozrank you will get.

So, increase linking and get high quality backlinks to your webpage.

Moz trust: is similar to mozrank but mozrank display popularity and moztrust stands for how the domain trusted is?.

Means as your webpage has higher linking in from moz trusted websites or higher authority websites like government sites or education websites’s home page it has more moztrust.

The linking route domain is counted as a backlinks you got from a unique domain.

means as a website have three backlinks from a single domain then it is counted as a one.

6. User experience

Suppose your website get rank in google and starts showing in top of google search result pages but id your website has poor navigation and bad user experience than definitely user will not like to see your website any more.

And so, it increase bounce rate and also it affect on your website ranking. So, increase user experience to increase domain authority.

A loading speed of website leave your first impression on visitor so, make website loads faster.

An amazon an online retail company says that if their website speed decrease by 100ms then it decrease millions of profit at end of year.

You can minify html and css, improve image seo and many other just check on google website speed checker tool.

By the way fast loading websites get higher domain authority faster than slow websites.

7. Be social

After publishing a post or page you should share on social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.

It helps to drive more traffic to your website.

Domain authority also count a social signal coming from social websites.

so make a social account of your website and start sharing.

As i mentioned above if you will write a quality content than your users will automatically share it on social means and it increase social signals and so, increase domain authority.

8. Remove bad backlink

As i mentioned above seo is not about quantity its about quality.

I mean if you got some backlinks from high quality websites is better then lots of backlinks from low quality website.

And also a try to get more backlinks from social media websites.

Generally websites like facebook and wikipedia does not allow dofollow backlinks but it helps to get more social and drive quality traffic to your website.

To check quality of backlinks you get you can use following tools.

google search console is a tool from google webmaster allows you to check how a sites linking to your websites. 

Moz open site explorer tool is also a best tool to check quality of backlinks and linking of total domains and root domains.

Quality of backlinks and it also show spam score for backlinks.

ahrefs allows you to improve your seo with showing your backlinks DA and how it is social, anchor and backlinks.

First step in link building is to starting from removing bad backlinks from your website.

Make a link juice means just don’t get backlink for your home page from all websites try to link your pages and posts.

Many blogger ask why domain authority is so important?

Domain authority is so important because the the domain authority ranking is power by moz and it considered as a important ranking factor.

If we are talking about link building than how can we forget guestpost? Because guest post is a one of the best way to build quality backlink. Start guest posting on other high authority websites and allow others to write guest post on your website.

Simply when you write guest post on others website then add your website revelent link into your post and it gives backlinks.

9.On page seo (What is DA in SEO)

Keyword density may be don’t related directly to domain authority but it surely helps to increase page authority and it increase domain authority.

Yoast seo plugin is best tool to check keyword density in on page seo. It belive that keyword include on page is minimum 1.6% to 2%.

Targeted keyword in post or page should be long tail, it also helps to increase website traffic.

And long tail keyword is proven to help in become viral post or getting more popular and share by users on social media.

A meta tag is also a well known word in seo factory because search engine starting from meta indexing.

Meta tag contain meta discription, meta keyword, meta author, title tag etc…

See what word stream say about how google meta tags impact seo.

This all meta tag should currectly defined on your website to increase domain authority.

Url structure of page should be seo friendly because it helps to index correctly, there should not be used a date or month by category.

Seo friendly url structure also easy to read user and they know what is this post about.

You can learn in detail from moz about how to build seo friendly url structure.

10. Domain age matters in Domain Authority

Be patient because as you domain age old as it get high domain authority.

It not means that if you have just bought domain so google will not show your website at top of serp.

But at startup google and other website like moz has not new website’s data or traffic report correctly.

So, be patient and let your domain grow little old, then domain authority may automatically increase without doing anything.

DA may also depends little on domain name a long domain name and non niche related domain may have lower domain authority.

Other factor

The frequency of publishing post or page is also important term, so just don’t publish anytime.

Build a schedule of publishing content and post regularly because google mostly put regularly updated websites at top in search engine result pages.

Q:- What is considered as a good domain authority score?

A:- A score from 40 to 70 is considered as a good domain authority but above 50-60 is getting hard but not impossible.