Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia – Quality Reviews & Guide

Stalking for WordPress Hosting Malaysia can be challenging and fatiguing. Particularly when you are looking for a specific country or area.

Sadly, hosting provider companies are based on complex facts and figures. Therefore, we are here to choose the Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia for you. So, why are you still worrying?

Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia – Quality Reviews & Guide

Today, we will tell you about the top-quality domain plus hosting providers within Malaysia. However, here are a few things you need to consider before selecting the host.

Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia

As we mentioned above, before choosing a host here are few following considerations:

  • Speed of the sites
  • Security and reliability of websites
  • Location of server
  • Support and price of plans

So, if you are not focusing on these elements then you cant choose a better host. Moreover, you need to focus on the site’s details and objectives as well.

Besides, price is the main concern for all business sites, especially for small scale businesses. Because if you are running a small business then you need to little more focused on investments.

So, while choosing the Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia, you need to focus on local hosts as well. Through this, you can get better location-based services.

Therefore, let’s talk about top hosting providers within Malaysia.

ExaBytes: Local Hosting provider

It is one of the top-rated local hosts to offer the Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia services. Moreover, ExaBytes offers the high speed for local clients.

That’s why it is an ideal option to get the hosting services within Malaysia. On the other hand, ExaBytes also has clients from other regions as well.

Key Features:

ExaBytes offers the 99.5% Uptime that is not so good. However, professionals recommend it for better hosting within Malaysia. Moreover, it provides additional features for WordPress including 1CLICK installation.

Therefore, it is a good choice for WordPress developers and sites within the region. Moreover, ExaBytes provides optimized and managed services for WordPress.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Bst for beginners
  • WordPress 1CLICK installation
  • Local server
  • Price starts from 269MYR annually
  • 24/7 customers support


  1. 5% Uptime
  2. Not suitable for large scale business
  3. Does not offer the fastest services worldwide. 

ServerFreak: 299MYR/year

It is also a local-based server hosting provider. Therefore, it’s on the 2nd number after ExaBytes. However, the services are slower than ExaBytes.

Moreover, it offers the 99% Uptime for Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia. Sadly, it’s lower than expected but you can choose it for hosting within Malaysia.

On the other hand, ServerFreak is a little bit more expensive as compared to ExaBytes. Additionally, it offers the 30-days money-back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Offers one free domain
  • 25GB disk space with 100GB disk transfer
  • 78ms speed within Malaysia


  • Offers local hosting services
  • Provides 340+ scripts
  • 24/7 customers support
  • 30-days refund policy


  1. Expensive as compared to competitors
  2. 8% Uptime

Shinjiru: High Storage Space

It is also localhost to offer the services for Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia. However, Shinjiru offers better storage space as compared to other hosts.

Moreover, it offers better speed and performance in other Asian regions as well as in Malaysia. On the other hand, security and privacy are its unique promoting points.

So, it offers a better security service for your websites. Even though, you can pay by bitcoins.

Key Features:

Shinjiru offers the 100GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth and transfer. Moreover, it provides anti-virus services as well through DDOS.

Additionally, Shinjiru offers backups and recoveries as well as payment through Bitcoins. For this, the pricing plans of Shinjiru starts from 265 MYR/year. So, you can get the 113ms speed through Shinjiru within Asian regions.


  • Offers backup services
  • Provides better speed within Asia
  • 24/7 customers support
  • Unlimited data transfer


  • Slow services within Malaysia as compared to others. 

Sempoi Hosting: Worldwide Services

It is a great hosting option to get the Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia. Because Sempoi has a worldwide audience and clients.

Moreover, it offers the A grade speed within the US. However, Sempoi doesn’t have its clients in Canada because there is no Sempoi’s server.

So, if you have an audience within Malaysia then choose it. Otherwise, it’s not a good option for your sites. Additionally, Sempoi response time slower in Malaysia as compared to other regions.

Therefore, Sempoi is not inside of Google benchmark for speed that is 200ms.

Key Features

Sempoi provides the 10GB disk space for 100GB data transfer. Moreover, it offers unlimited domains. The good part is, Sempoi offers the managed Cpanel. Furthermore, it provides backups and recoveries as well.

Unfortunately, the pricing plans of Sempoi are a little bit more expensive as compared to others. Therefore, plans start from 500MYR/year.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Managed Cpanel
  • Auto backups and recoveries


  1. Low-speed 226ms
  2. Expensive packages 500MYR/year
  3. Poor customers response services

SiteGround: Worldwide Best Source

It is a top-rated host to offer the Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia. So, most of the people within Malaysia choose it because of its speed and performance.

Additionally, the people don’t want to compromise on speed and prices as well for the hosting of sites. Therefore, SiteGround is the best source to offer great services within budgets, (SiteGround Reviews). 

Key Features:

SiteGround offers the fastest speed worldwide. Moreover, you can store your websites on the server for better performance. Additionally, SiteGround offers CDN features for improved speed.

SiteGround provides the 10GB SSD storage. Besides, it offers SSH and Cpanel for better access. Additionally, you can get the free CDN and Cloud Flare as well through SiteGround.


  • Fastest hosting provider
  • 30 MYR/year
  • 515ms Speed
  • Affordable packages and plans


  • Higher renewal prices

Is it beneficial to choose a worldwide host rather than localhost?

Yes, of course, in this case, you can choose the SiteGround host for services. because SiteGround offers great and fastest services as compared to local hosts.

Therefore, we don’t think so, that there is an issue to choose the global host. As we already saw above, local hosts are compromising on speed and performance.

But the global host “SiteGround” is offering great services for Best WordPress Hosting Malaysia.


Although, it’s not an easy task to choose a host for your sites and business. But you can make it little easier with proper search and guidance.

Hence, you can get help and guidance from this article as well. Moreover, you can select our suggested host as well as other hosts for the services.