SiteGround Reviews (2024) – A Complete Guide Based on Expert

As we all know, hosting is the main need for all sites and businesses. Moreover, the business can’t get complete success without a proper host.

Today we are going to present a comprehensive SiteGround review with a detailed analysis of SiteGround's hosting service.

SiteGround Reviews (2022) – A Complete Guide Based on Expert

SiteGround is one of these top hosting providers. especially, for WordPress sites. Besides this, SiteGround offers the best security and performance for the WordPress community.

Moreover, customers know it because of its 24/7 excellent support services. Just like Bluehost, SiteGround has an official recommendation by WordPress.

So, the beginners can also use this host for multiple plugins and as a site’s builder. Additionally, it has specific data centres within the US, Asia and Europe.

Moreover, SiteGround offers a specific discount of 70% for all the WordPress beginners.

Expert’s SiteGround Reviews 2024

I leave it all for now as we dive into our detailed SiteGround review, so you can conclude and make the right decision for yourself.

As we mentioned above, SiteGround offers great and top-notch services for WordPress sites. Moreover, it is known because of its top-class customer services.

Furthermore, its optimized hosting plans offer the fastest performance and speed for WordPress sites and businesses. Through these plans, you can get the complete growth and explore for your business.

So, beginners and professionals can create successful designs and blogs. Moreover, you can read the detailed reviews in this article, to know more about the SiteGround.

SiteGround reseller hosting Review

After this, you can make the decision either you can choose the best wordpress hosting 2024 or not. So, let’s take a look at different areas of Site Ground’s services.

First of all, focus on the main following parameters and considerations for the host:


As we all know, speed is the main metrics for the better performance of the sites. Moreover, it is necessary to stick the customers with the sites.

So, the SiteGround claims to offer the top-notch speed for all the sites and businesses. Therefore, before choosing it, check for the following question.

What will be the loading speed offered by the SiteGround for your sites? So, you can get better and desired results through early estimations. 


Before selecting the host, check for the complete reliability. does the host offer the complete 24/7 reliable services? If yes, then this host will be a reliable option for your sites.

Moreover, you need to check the reliability option especially, if you are a less experienced person. So, you can get better services through appropriate support.

Support services:

Does the host offer reliable and countable customer services? If yes then it will be great for all the users. Moreover, a beginner can do it better with a complete support system.


Does the host offer the reliable and desired features for hosting your sites? Because the needs and requirements of all the sites are not the same. Therefore, before choosing it you need to detailed focus on the features.

Pricing plans:

Are the pricing plans and packages according to your budget? Because budget or investment is the main thing before purchasing a plan. Moreover, if you are running a new site then you can invest enough on hosting plans.

Wrapping it up:

If you don’t want to read all the following details and features then it’s okay. In this article, we will provide review-based details. So, you can choose the host-based on details.

Moreover, through these reviews, you can choose the host with complete satisfaction. As all the information is completely research-based for the customers.

1. SiteGround Introduction

Since 2004, SiteGround is offering great hosting services for all the sites and businesses. So, it is one of the well-reputed hosting providers.

SiteGround has three data centres including the US, Asia and Europe. Moreover, it is offering services for more than 50,000 sites all around the world.

2- Good and Bad impacts of SiteGround

Undoubtedly, all the hosting plans and providers have few pros and cons. Moreover, these impacts based on their services and customer’s reviews, Please read our SiteGround review carefully so you don't rush into a decision.

So, through these good and bad impacts, you can get a better idea about the host. Additionally, it helps to focus on all the good and bad things about a host.

However, a few bad impacts can be ignored. But a few you can’t ignore and you need to deal that for better services. Because these impacts have a direct impact on the performance and the speed of the sites.

So, first of all, let’s talk about the good impacts of the SiteGround.


These following are the main advantages and the good impact that make the SiteGround a top-quality host.

Excellent Server’s Services:

Surprisingly, SiteGround offers the fastest server services for all the customers and clients. Moreover, it allows customers to choose the server location. So, customers can get a better and optimized site’s services.

Additionally, it includes the latest features like SSD drives for the fastest services for all customers.

High Customers Support:

Undoubtedly, SiteGround offers great customers support for all the users. For this, it provides 24/7 support through phone calls and lives chat. Moreover, if you want to get the technical details then you get it through ticketing.

So, the less experienced workers can get knowledge-based services as well for extensive details.

Free security features:

SiteGround offers the free SSL and CDN for the better and advanced security of the sites. Moreover, you can get advanced security features through premium and business plans.

Furthermore, SiteGround offers the free Cloud Flare through let’s encrypt authority.

Multiple servers:

Like Bluehost, SiteGround has multiple server locations for better access to the services. So, the customers can choose the desired server based on location. Moreover, it’s a good choice to choose the nearest server for the fastest services.

However, you need to select the location while signing up for the services. Now, let’s talk about the downside of this host. So, you can get a better understanding.

Siteground Negative Reviews

As we all know, all the hosting providers or companies have few downsides as well. So, you need to know about these bad impacts before signing up the accounts.

Bounded Storage:

Unfortunately, SiteGround offers limited storage services for all the plans and packages. No doubt, the storage is quite enough to perform the services. But it might be less in case of the large-scale sites.

Therefore, before choosing customers need to keep in mind about the storage limitations.

Higher setup cost:

In the case of SiteGround hosting, you need to pay $14.95 setup charges. It is necessary if you are going for monthly charges or plans. However, if you are looking for annual and long-term plans then there is no setup cost.

Furthermore, the host offers the 30-days refund policy to save the clients from any kind f risk. So, in the case of unsatisfaction, users can return the policy and get their money back.

Therefore, it’s a good decision to choose the long-term billing plans instead of monthly, so, you can save from additional setup charges.

No Free Domain:

Unlike other hosts, SiteGround does not offer the free domain for the clients. Even though, it doesn’t provide the free domain for the first year.

So, the clients need to pay $15.95 per year for the domain from the first day of the services.

3. Performance Of The Host

Undoubtedly, performance is the main benchmark for the success of all hosts. So, it’s not a good thing to compromise on the performance of the host. 

Because with a fast-responsive site you can get the better rankings at search engines. Moreover, performance based on the selected pricing and plans.

Therefore, focus on the performance of the host first of all before choosing it. For this, SiteGround claims the 99.99% uptime for the reliability and the performance of the sites.

No doubt, this is a great time and above than the expected uptime.

4- Loading Speed

After performance or uptime, loading speed is the second most important consideration for hosts. Moreover, it’s necessary to offer a better user’s experience.

So, the users stick to your sites rather than competitors. Furthermore, it’s essential for the better SEO of the sites and the ranking at search engines.

Even though, you can afford even a single second delay in the services. Because a single second delay can lead towards 8% decrease in the CRO (conversion rate optimization).

The main and biggest loss is, you will lose your customers attractions and engagement. It’s all just because of the low loading speed.

Particularly, shared hosting sites will suffer from low time during high traffic. Because shared hosting plans have less ability to handle the high traffic. So, it becomes the cause of downtime.

Otherwise, SiteGround offers great responsive speed with excellent uptime of 99.99%.

5- Server Response Speed

As we all know, the content on the page is the main thing that affects the speed and load time. Especially, for image-based sites and blogs.

For this, a host needs to offer fast responsive services with efficient loading speed of the images. So, the clients get the overall good speed of the pages or sites.

Therefore, it’s not enough to focus on the page load time. Because you need to take into account the server speed as well. According to the research, SiteGround offers the average results for the server’s response speed.

So, if you have an audience within the US then you can get the great response speed through SiteGround. For this, server response within 58ms for US sites and audiences.

However, if you are looking for Asian specific services then you need to choose the data centre within Asia for better server response.

6. Pricing Plans And Features

No wonder, SiteGround offers the great hosting plans for shared, WordPress, cloud and dedicated hosting. So, if you are a beginner and looking for hosting then shared plans are enough.

Moreover, for a large site or organization, you can choose the dedicated hosting as well as cloud hosting plans. However, you need to move the plans and packages according to the growth and exploration of your sites.

So, the sites can get better through advanced features and plans. For this, you need to upgrade the plans continuously.

So, let’s talk about the SiteGround hosting plans and packages for better selection.

Shared Hosting Plans:

As we mentioned above, shared hosting is a suitable option for an individual site or a small scale site. Moreover, it’s the best option if the traffic requirements are lower.

Because shared hosting plans can handle new sites with low traffic easily.

For this, the cost of shared hosting plans starts from $11.95 per moh including 10GB disk space. However, it allows hosting only for one site.

Besides this, the other plans are GoGeek and GrowBig for large scale services and sites. So, the cost of GoGeek starts from $34.95 including 30GBdisk space.

Furthermore, the price of GrowBig plans starts from $19.95 per month including 20GB disk space. So, you can choose the plans according to prices as well as disk spaces.

Cloud Hosting Plans:

It is a flexible source to upgrade the shared hosting plans for improved services. Moreover, cloud hosting allows the multiple resources to use on the cloud-based architecture.

Therefore, it’s a suitable option for fast-growing websites and businesses. Cloud hosting has four plans for the customers including entry, business, business plus and superpower.

For entry plans, the price is $80 per month including 40GB disk space and 5TB bandwidth.

Besides this, the second plan price starts from $120 per month including 60GB disk space and 5TB bandwidth. Moreover, the cost of the business plus plan is $160 per month including 80GB disk space.

The cost of a superpower plan is $240 per month including 120GB and 5TB bandwidth. As you saw above in plans details, all the plans offer the same bandwidth.

7. Support And Customers Services

Undoubtedly, SiteGround offers great customers to support services for all. So, if you are beginners or a professional you can get the same level of support services through it.

Moreover, all the support services are highly remarkable and fastest. So, the customers can get the 24/7 support services for all the challenges and issues.

On the other hand, SiteGround offers great email support services for all the clients. Moreover, if the clients are professional and want to fix issues by themself then SiteGround offers knowledge-based support.

So, the clients can get out of challenges and issues through proper tutorials and guidelines.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Undoubtedly, SiteGround offers great and optimizes plans for WordPress hosting. Moreover, the pricing plans for WordPress hosting is the same as shared hosting.

  • The first plan is the basic plan start from $11.95 per month including 10GB disk space.
  • 2nd plan is GrowBig starts from $19.95 per month including 20GB disk space and unlimited traffic.
  • The third plan is GoGeek starts from $34.95 including 30GB disk space and unlimited traffic.

Dedicated Hosting Plans:

It is one of the expensive hosting plans suitable for large sires and businesses. Moreover, it’s beneficial for high traffic sites to get the powerful site’s services.

So, it offers the three dedicated hosting plans including entry, power and superpower plans. The entry plan prices start from $269 per month. So, if you want to upgrade then you need to move super plan that costs $349 per month.

Besides this, the third plan is superpower plan starts from $729 per month.

Reseller Hosting Plans:

These hosting plans are efficient for great selling areas. So, you can go for these reseller plans for better creation and development of own hosting agencies.

However, the working procedure of these hosting plans is different from another hosting. So, it’s based on the purchased credits equivalent to the cost of one-year shred hosting.

For this, SiteGround offers three tiers based on customer’s needs. The first cost is $49 and the second one at $45. Moreover, the third one is for 11+credits costs $42.

So, to start the reseller hosting you need to have at least five credits.

Enterprise Hosting Plans:

Well, enterprise hosting plans and prices depend on your needs and requirements. So, you can choose the plans and prices according to your resources.

Moreover, the host will manage the services according to your needs. Therefore, there is no early setup of prices and plans. Moreover, the charges will be according to your selected services.

So, the clients can directly contact the company and ask for multiple services based on sites needs and requirements. For this, the main advantage is that you can manage the service within the budget.

So, you don’t need to pay for additional and useless features and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the questions related to today's topic, which is a SiteGround Reviews.

Is The SiteGround A Better Option Than Bluehost?

Of course, SiteGround is a suitable option for sites hosting instead of Bluehost. Because it offers great performance and uptime as compared to Bluehost.

Moreover, it’s the best option for designers and developers because of its great site creation tools. So, the developers can get the complete managed and configured site for their coding platforms.

Besides this, SiteGround has three data centres within multiple locations. So, the clients can choose the location based on their audience and sites requirements. It will help to get the fast and more responsive server speed.

But if we see the downside of the SiteGround then it doesn’t offer unlimited space. However, the provided space is quite enough for all the services.

Can you get the free domain through SiteGround?

Unfortunately, not, you can get the free domain through SiteGround host. As it provides the paid domain name for all clients and packages.

So, if you are looking for a free domain then SiteGround is not a good option. Moreover, you need to pay the $15.95 per year to get the domain name from the first day of the hosting services.

Does SiteGround a good recommendation for small sites?

Yes, SiteGround shared hosting plans are suitable for all the small scale sites. Moreover, if you are a beginner then you can go for shared hosting plans as well.

On the other hand, if you want to grow and explore your small sites and business then you can upgrade the plan from shared to cloud hosting.

If not, then the shared hosting plans as well enough to offer the services for small scale sites.

Does SiteGround A Suitable option For WordPress Sites?

Sure, it is a great and optimized option for WordPress services. Even though, it has official recommendations by WordPress for hosting sites.

On the other hand, SiteGround offers specific and unique features for WordPress sites and users. From this, let’s take a look of more inspiring features:

Optimized solution:

SiteGround offers the specific plugins for WordPress that allows the better configuration of WordPress sites. Moreover, the customers can get better uptime, performance and load speed through these plugins.

Besides this, it offers the starter plugins for the beginners so they can start work easily or without any difficulty. So, it’s a great option for WordPress beginners.

Flexible And Advanced WordPress Tools

Luckily, SiteGround provides a flexible plugin for WordPress sites. So, the users can rely on it to get the best WordPress hosting services. Moreover, these plugins offer the automatic upgrading of WordPress for new versions and features.

Additionally, advanced tools for WordPress make it easier for all professionals and beginners. So, the developers and designers can save their sites from multiple failures and errors.

Moreover, it will provide all the highlight in the testing interface instead of a live appearance of code errors. Additionally, SiteGround offers the migration plugin for the quick transfer of the sites.


Hopefully, after reading the detailed SiteGround reviews 2024 will help to get better knowledge about the host. Moreover, it will help to answer the following question:

Does SiteGround is suitable and appropriate for your site? Besides this, if you want to get the fastest and reliable hosting services then SiteGround is a great choice.

Also, the host offers multiple pricing plans and features for all types and sizes of sites. So, the clients with small as well as a large investment can get great features.

On the other hand, it provides great and optimized WordPress services. Furthermore, this host offers free CDN and SSL through let’s encrypt for better security.

Above all, WordPress users can get services with 1CLICK installation including plugins and sites migration. Hence, if you are going to launch a new site then SiteGround is a great choice for you. Additionally, you can get the knowledge of all features including good and bad impact through these reviews.

Please read our SiteGround review carefully so you don't rush into a decision.