15 Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger must Keep in their Smartphone

What is best blogging apps for android and iOS?. If you are a blogger and have an Android phone, you will need blogging apps to help you with your blogging then here I have compiled a list of  Best Android apps for Bloggers in 2023 that are required for every blogger. Blogger can use these apps for making his life much easier than ever.

15 Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger must Keep in their Smartphone
Best Blogging Apps for Android

Every single Blogger in 2023 should know about these Must have Android apps to take much benefit from their Android phones. These best android apps help you to achieve your daily responsibility and program in a comfortable way.

Some Reasons why you should use these Blogging apps

Every Blogger mostly works from their computer but If you are out for some other work or for walking somewhere then you don’t have control on your Blog because you can’t carry a computer with you in most cases. Here are some following reasons you can consider.

  • You have to something in your hand to keep eyes on your Blog while you go outside from your Home.
  • You can use these apps to look out some on your Blog before going to Bed.
  • If you are tired of sitting in front of your Computer, You can go to bed for some rest and use the Smartphone to manage your Blog.

So these apps are very helpful to manage your website or Blog even if you are outside of your Home.

Here we are looking at some cool apps that help Bloggers to make their Blogging Easy.

Best Blogging Apps for Bloggers

List of applications that every blogger should keep in his phone. The world going to become more digital with smartphones, Laptop, Smart TV, Virtual reality, everything going to become smarter day to day. In the race of technology, the Smartphone is the most participated device having 2.32 billion market cap in the world.

Most of the smartphones are running on Android OS and nearly rest of the running on IOS.

The App Store of Android or IOS phones having a lot of Apps in their store, some of them just like a crap but some are very useful. There are many apps available for Blogging, writing, analytics, drives and a lot of apps for businesses which can make your blogging life easier.

1. WordPress

WordPress App is available for both platform Android and IOS. It provides a powerful platform to publish, edit or create an article instantly from your App. You can control your WordPress blog without the computer and can access all important things like comments, posts, pages and media library directly from your WordPress app.

WordPress best blogging apps on play store, You can edit, approve, and reply your comments directly from your app. Your stats are one click away from your finger. You can see statistics of your Blog from one click in your App.

App available for both Android and iOS

2. Google Analytics

Google analytics has a powerful Apps that brings everything about your website or blog users at your fingertips. Analytics It is one of the best blogging apps for android free, Every information about your visitors whether they returning or new customers, Real-time visitors, where they landing and from where they exit, everything in your app.The Google analytics app UI has every shortcut whatever you want to know about your visitors.

The Google Analytics app user interface has every shortcut that helps whatever you want to know about your visitors.

I track my Blog traffic using Google analytics app. When required i even show Analytics to my clients to get projects.

App available for Android and iOS

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3. Blogger

If you are a blogger on Blogspot then this app will surely help you to manage your Blogspot powered blog posts. You can easily edit your published posts, create a new post, edit your drafted post and view your published posts. It is a great app for Blogspot Bloggers to keep eyes on your Blog. Blogger It is one of the best blogging apps for android phones. 

4. Evernote

Evernote is the best cross-platform app for writing and collecting everything. The app allows you to create “note” which can be a text note, a web page, handwritten notes, voice memo, and photographs.

You can also add the attachment files in your notes like photos, document files, handwritten text, audio and video files. These notes keep synchronizing between your devices and you can access them wherever you want. Evernote is available for all popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Android, Windows phone, IOS, and Mac OS.

The premium Evernote is also available for additional features if you need the more features for your business.

App available for AndroidiOS, and Microsoft

5. Google Adsense

Adsense app is useful for who have approved Adsense account on their website or blog. You can use this app to monitor your monetization of blog or website.The user interface of this app has lots of shortcuts including countries, platform, Ad units, Ad sizes, Ad network, etc.

The user interface of this app has a lot of shortcuts including countries, platform, Ad units, Ad sizes, Ad network, etc. These shortcuts help you monitor different categories, such as which country you are receiving the highest revenue from, which ad size is doing better than others, which platform gives you more revenue and Provides many other facilities.

It shows my current earnings and rest all bloggers knows what’s the use of this app.

6. Buffer app

Are you frustrated by posting all your contents on different social networking sites including FB, Twitter?

The Buffer App can make it easy by posting all your contents at the same time on all social networking sites.

One place for all your social networking accounts. By scheduling and tracking your social contents, it can make your social media life easier by managing all your accounts in one place.

You can easily schedule posts for all your social accounts and Buffer will publish them automatically on your scheduled time. You can see analytics of your social contents which can help you to make it better to better on social-media. The Buffer App is available for both platform Android and as well as for iOS.

I Promote my Blog post using Buffer app. Buffer app is a Must apps for every business and for blogging. It’s quick, Easy and more pleasing visually. 

App available for Android and iOS

7. Crowdfire

Are you frustrated with not getting audience followers?

This App is perfect for you to increase your audience followers either on Instagram or Twitter. Just sign in with your Twitter or Instagram account, you can add later other accounts just sign in with an account.

The Crowdfire app has many features including non-followers, copy followers, publish, whitelist and blacklist. It monitors your account and finds the new way to grow your audience. It finds new contents for you to share and help to keep engaged with your audience.

App available for Android and iOS

8. Facebook Pages Manager

If you are a Blogger or a website owner or having an online business then definitely you have a Facebook page. If not please create a FaceBook page for your Blog or Business. Where you can publish your latest article or News to your audience.

You can easily manage your Facebook page, reply your messages, see your insight and much more. You can also promote your Facebook page or post on Facebook to reach the right audience by spending some dollars.

Facebook Page manager made my life comfortable. I don’t have to open my facebook account to share my blog post. This app made it easier for me and now i can also manage my all 3 pages easily.

App available for Android and iOS

9. Bitly

Bitly is a link shortener service provider by which you can shorten your links. You can track and analyze your every individual link. You can see where your visitors are coming from the most, which can help you to run your campaign.

It is a very powerful tool for analyzing and collecting audience information to increase your business. It has also some premium features for businesses like Branded short domains, Optimizes for all devices, integrates with more than 75 publishing platform.

App available for Android and iOS

10. Quora

Quora is the best forum website where you can give or get an answer from lots of people. By the Quora app, you can give answers in your niche and influence the audience to visit on your Blog.

It will help you to find the longtail keywords or an idea what others are asking in your niche. If you give the better answers on quora then you got the better audience on your following list. The Quora app has multiple uses and I suggest you try at least one time.

I connected with lots of expert on Quora. If i want to know something or for new blog post topics then i always searches on quora app. 

App available for Android and iOS

11. Linkedin

Linkedin also has a powerful social platform because only professional peoples are there. You can make your own circle of professional, make your professional audience and spread the knowledge.

Your article has more chances of viewing than other social platforms. You can also follow your influencer to get in touch with their business updates.

App available for Android and iOS

12. Twitter

Twitter is the best social platform for twitting and making your circle and communities. This platform is very popular in short articles because it has a limit of 140 characters. And by which this saves you a lot of time and you won’t have to read a long article.

You can use the Twitter app to twitting your post, connect with peoples, retweets and much more than Twitting. You can reach more audience by using advertisement on Twitter.

I Just love to tweet and retweet tweets from popular bloggers. It helps to maintain good relation with them too. Thanks for Twitter app.

App available for Android and iOS

13. Feedly

Feedly app is very popular among bloggers and article writers. This is an RSS feed reader app in which you can read articles from your subscribed Blog or websites. You can subscribe to multiple websites and blogs to get latest updates from them directly into your Feedly, Feedly best blog reader app android, You can also share your content through Feedly.

App available for Android and iOS

14. Google Drive

While going for a meeting with my clients i usually use Google drive from my mobile to access my documents and important notes. I don’t have to take laptop every time with me. This Drive app safely stores up all my files and makes them easily accessible both online and offline.

The Drive App is the most popular app in the category of cloud storage app. This app gives you a default storage of 15 GB and you can upgrade your plan of 100 GB with the price of 130 INR/month.You can upload all types of files including images, pdf files, doc files, video, audio and etc. You can also share these files anywhere you want like on websites or social me dia. This app is very useful for Bloggers. 

You can upload all types of files including images, pdf files, doc files, video, audio and etc. You can also share these files anywhere you want like on websites or so cial media. This app is very useful for Bloggers, whatever you create like images, documents, or anything important can upload in the drive. Which will now be safe forever and can be used from anywhere by signing in with Google account.

App available for Android and iOS

15. Pixlr

Pixlr is a photo editing tool and has enough features to make an image from low level to a moderate level. You can create a new image or edit your image directly in your app. It is free.

App available for Android and iOS

Best Blogging Apps for Smartphones, Additional apps

  • WhatsApp: As everybody knows that its a best App for messaging. I use this app to connect with my Bloggers Friends using Bloggers Group.
  • Drippler: This app keeps me updated with latest technology updates and the updates of android.
  • Dropbox: Whenever I write reviews of Mobile apps, I take a screenshot from my mobile and store images in Dropbox. It helps me to do my work faster without connecting my mobile with a USB cord to a laptop to get those images, It is one of the best photo blog app android. 
  • Daily Expense Manager: I Track my daily and monthly expenses using this app. I track my Monthly cost of sem rush paid tool and many other things from this apps.
  • Google Keep: I record my daily blogging tasks and also my office related works using this app. You don’t have to write on the papers now. I also use this app to note down clients requirements while i am in a meeting with them.
  • Skitch: I Love this tool. I take screenshots from my mobile and i edit images, mark the things using skitch app which I want to show.
  • True caller: This app is awesome. I just love to block calls from mobile network’s offers who are irritating a lot while blogging. As i am using premium version, it helps me to find contact number of the clients too.
  • Flipboard: is an absolutely a personalized magazine tool. I have created my magazine there and have shared my blog post too.
  • Facebook: app encourage me to connect with my fellow bloggers. I also use this app to promote my blog post and also read posts from blogger groups.
  • Pinterest: I share my blog post anytime I want using Pinterest app and also like to read blog post which are shared from fellow bloggers.

These 15 best blogging apps for android free download, And they apps are very useful for everyone who works as a Blogger or having a website.

If any important apps were left, if you think that app is useful for Bloggers then you can tell me in the comment section. And if you have already used any apps from above the list then you can tell me your experience also in the comment box. I highly suggest you to use these Must have Android apps.