How to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

How to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog? . WordPress is no doubt a famous and best blogging platform that allows you to easily create a self hosted wordpress blog. But, now it has evolved as Content Management System (CMS). If you do not know what is Content management System. are you ready to have your own self hosted wordpress blog?. then here is a short description for this:

How to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog
Hosted WordPress Blog

Content Management System (CMS):

“It is an application that allows you to manage your content in various ways.”

CMS allows you to publish, edit, delete and modify your content so that you can run any content rich website or application. For example, if you want to build a website that gives information about gadgets, then you need a system that allows you to publish and manage your information or content (in form of text and images) that describes various gadgets. This requirement is fulfilled by Content Management System.

Why WordPress only?

This is the question that arise in everyone’s mind because there are already many content management system out there like Joomla and Drupal, then why WordPress Only? The reason is simple and are mention below:

  • Easy to use: When it comes to usability WordPress is one of the easiest content management system compared to other Content Management System.
  • Easy installation: Some of web hosting company provides hosting service with pre-installed WordPress while some of them provide a free famous five minute WordPress installation through free software installer available on their c-panel.
  • No coding skills required: You don’t need any coding skills to start your website, only basic computer and internet knowledge is required to make a WordPress website.
  • Free and open source: It is an open source and free software, so anyone can use it without spending any money.
  • Functionality: From a simple personal blog to an advance e-commerce website, you can make any type of website with WordPress in few clicks.
  • Free and open source: It is an open source and free software, so anyone can use it without spending any money..
  • More themes available: Different themes for different types of websites available in both free and premium version that means you don’t have to think more about your website design.
  • Ability to extend features: There are many plugins available for WordPress websites that really extends the potential of your website. You don’t need to code any script for most of the features that are required to run websites, there are plugins for almost everything on free WordPress directory.

I hope, now you have better understood the advantages of using WordPress as a Content Management System.

Now, if you are ready to start a self hosted WordPress blog of your own, then start following the step-by-step guide and save your precious time. Also, the infographic from viki-tech may help you if you’re a lazy reader.

1.) Register your domain:

Domain is a name of your website, like this website has a name “Bloggingtechniques”. It is up to you that what name you want to give to your website, but I suggest you to register a domain that is Seo friendly. Seo friendly domains are the ones that have at least one targeted keyword in its name. For instance, this website has a domain name “Blogging technique” so URL addresses for this website is and the website shares information related to blogging. If you do a little keyword research you’ll come to an end that ‘blogging’ is one the main targeted keyword for this website and it is included in its domain name. Now it means the site has a keyword advantage over other websites, which have same niche, but does not include ‘blogging’ as their target keyword.

Once you find your desired keyword domain, register your domain on any of the web hosting company of your choice but make sure that web hosting company is a trustworthy one.

Recommended By WordPress:

  • BlueHost
  • Hostgator
  • DreamHost

2.) Get a web hosting:

Web hosting makes your website available on the internet. You need a server to run your website on the internet. Your web host provides you this service.

In a layman language, “web hosting is a space you get on your web host company server in order to make your website available on the World Wide Web.”

Before you buy a web-hosting plan, make sure you are buying a hosting plan from the same web hosting company on which you have registered your domain. Because if you choose two different companies for two different task, then you would be charged extra by these companies, because this is something that is not free… So, I suggest you to use one web hosting company for registering your domain and buying a web hosting.

There are two types of web hosting plan that blogger use normally:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

The shared hosting plan is recommended for those who are just starting their website. I would suggest you to go with Shared Hosting. You can upgrade your plan anytime to VPS hosting which is suitable for websites that have very high traffic and server load.

3.) Connect Your Domain with Your Web Host:

This is something where you will need help from your web host. Good web hosting companies like BlueHost and Hostgator provides 24/7 hr support to their customer.

In order to make your website available on your domain address, you need to connect your domain with your web host. For this, you have to point your domain to the name server of your web hosting company. You can ask your web host about their name server as every web host have their own different name servers. The name server’s settings generally take few hours (4-6 hrs) to change after you have pointed your new domain to name server.

4.) Install WordPress:

After you have connected your domain with your web host server, now it’s time to go one step ahead and install WordPress. You can install WordPress easily by just following my below guide.

To install WordPress, you need to check your c-panel that which software installer is available there to install php scripts like WordPress. WordPress installation with these types of installer is pretty easier.

If your web-hosting provider does not provide any such installer, you can download WordPress in zip file from the official website ( After downloading, just upload it to your server in your “public_html” directory.

5.) Configure your theme:

A theme gives your website a design and style. You can use any WordPress theme from WordPress theme directory according to type of website you want to make. There are bunch of themes available for every type of website in wordpress themes directory. For instance, if you want to run an e-commerce website, then there are many themes specially designed for e-commerce websites. Moreover, if you want your theme to be user friendly in every aspect you can also buy and install premium themes from other sources like mytheme shop and elegant themes.

Now, once you are done with all the steps that are mentioned above to create a self hosted wordpress blog, you are now able to run a WordPress website of your own.

These all are basic steps to make a self-hosted WordPress website, you can extend the functionality of your website by installing various WordPress plugins according to your need from WordPress plugin directory.


Hope you’ve now learned how to start a self-hosted WordPress website, you can see now that no coding skills are required to start your own WordPress website. If you know the basics, you can make one in no time. For more basic and advance techniques, keep visiting “Tutorials fist” or subscribe to the daily posts. In the next article, I will explain, hosted wordpress solutions. 

If you’ve still any questions you can ask us anytime by just commenting below. Moreover, If you want any premium theme at special discount you can contact us. If you’re still confused building your own website, let us know and we will do this for you at affordable rates.